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Our Products

Our products are endless, just like our creativity!

However we've grouped them into categories to give you an idea and make it easier for you to start thinking of your own design

Personalised Gifts Dubai
Personalized Gifts Dubai
Personalised Gifts Dubai
Arabic Name Frame
Embroidery Dubai

Name Frames

Made to order


Each and every one of our name frames is unique and made to your individual taste

Each letter is embroidered to the highest quality, in any language of your choice

The mount boards are specifically hand cut for each frame, depending on the number of letters in the name and the style of the frame

Hand written calligraphy is applied to the mount board, details such as the name, date of birth, weight and time of birth, meaning of names and alphabetical words under each letter; all done to your liking


Making each and every name frame unique

Islamic Calligraphy
Housewarming Gifts
Islamic Calligraphy

Islamic Calligraphy

Custom designs


Our range of exquisite Islamic calligraphy is elegantly made in traditional and customised designs

Available in different sizes, they are an amazing addition to any home

Specific requests can be designed from images and professionally embroidered, using colours and textures of your choice.  Create the perfect meaningful artwork to suit your home interior, individual pieces as small as 18x12cm, and as large as 90x60cm.  Large collages comprising a number of carefully selected frames and designs

Personalised Baby Gifts
Personalised Baby Gifts
Baby Gifts
Personalised Gifts Dubai
Baby Hamper

Baby Hampers

Made to order


Make the ever so special occasion of a new baby, even more memorable

Everything from personalised blankets and bibs to elaborate hampers, filled with lovable goodies 

Choose from a variety of products; blankets, towels, onesies, bibs, & washcloths and have them embelished with your choice of personal words or phrases, creating that individualised gift they'll cherish always

Our baby hamper package comes with a name frame, blanket, towel, onesie, bib and washcloth all to be customised and unique, just like the little ones!


Fathers Day Gifts Dubai
Gift Ideas Dubai
Birthday Gifts
Personalized Gifts Dubai
Mothers Day Gifts Dubai

Personalised Gift Ideas

Custom designs


Embroidery to fit all occasions

Custom made and personalised to your taste, a variety of gifts ranging from wedding frames to treasure for a lifetime, to framed personalised messages to loved ones

Be spoilt for choice with a variety of personalised gifts; t'shirts, baseball caps, beach towels, bags, picnic blankets, cushions, aprons & placemats

Exclusively designed occasional gifts for mothers & fathers day, Eid, Christmas, Valentines & Easter

Perfect for any excuse to gift a loved one

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