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Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

Its that time of the year again, end of school term, end of another academic year, time to contribute towards a gift for the teacher.

Teachers play a vital role in the lives of our children, the children know the teachers better than us parents, yet do they really get to contribute towards the gifts? Why not let the kids do all the hard work and get to know their teachers better in the process .....

Acronyms are a great method of getting the little ones thinking and reflecting over the school year.

Above all it'll be a gift that will truly be appreciated, engaging and bound to touch the hearts of the teacher.

Designs can be varied and customised from teacher to teacher, anything from a poem or an acronym to something based around your child's favourite topic of the year.

Let our imaginations do the gifting, give us the theme or idea and watch the magic unfold .......

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